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    We do not cover up the fact or exaggerate the propaganda

    We speak about the process instead of the production line. We also seek to provide the individualized service for each of our customers. We establish customer files, keep the data updated and make suitable arrangements in accordance with the different requirements and purposes of different customers. We pursue professionalism if the customer is in need of accurate translation. We pursue convenience if the customer is in need of quick translation. We shall be around if the customer needs us anytime and anywhere.

    The whole process of the translation project:

    Project Department:

    1. Define the requirement and specification of the project

    2. Quote and sign the agreement

    3. Confirm the delivery time

    Personnel Department

    1. Determine the qualified professional person in accordance with the translator files classification

    2. Establish the translator scoring system and select the one who is in possession of the professional background and corresponding translation ability

    3. Coordinate the format and time of the delivery

    Proofreading Department

    1. Some computer input and typesetting work. Train the translators in accordance with the customer’s requirement

    2. Proofread and typeset the translator’s first draft

    3. Discuss with the translator about the specific word usage

    4. Establish the professional vocabulary

    After-sale Department

    1. Follow the project and get hold of the actual process of the project at any time.

    2. Manage the project changes. Manage the unexpected matters from the customer or the translator during the project execution.

    3. Check and accept the translated text. Make some remedial measures (better late than never) in accordance with our own experience.

    4. Provide lifetime after-sales service for the translated material and help the customer revise accordingly.

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