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    Confidentiality Rules and Regulations

    We deeply understand the importance of your material. Your material may relate to the market strategy, the enterprise development and even the success or failure of the enterprise.

    Great Translation performs strict confidentiality mechanism on the customer’s material to meet the absolute responsibility and commitment to the customer.

    1. Perform strict confidentiality mechanism on any material of the customer. Confidentiality agreement can be signed and special confidentiality measures can be taken in accordance with the special requirement of the customer.

    2. We will never disclose any information of the customer to a third party without the permission of the customer.

    3. Great Translation has strict internal confidentiality measures, each part of which is in the charge of a specially-assigned person. Great Translation is also equipped with confidentiality agreement, restriction mechanism and authority mechanism.

    4. We have an independent data protection solution and mechanism and set password for the electronic files.

    5. Normally, we shall keep the customer’s material for 2 weeks. If the customer has no requests, we shall completely destroy and delete the customer’s material or immediately delete the material in accordance with the customer’s requirement.

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